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Care of Patients with Cancer

Adamstown Medical Centre’s highly experienced vocationally registered GPs manage the care of patients with cancer in conjunction with specialists and hospitals.

Our doctors provide general medical care for these patients, including vaccinations, tests and medications and coordinate their care between specialists and hospitals.

Our GPs have developed an excellent referral network of specialists with expertise in malignancies, who see our patients as a priority, are good communicators, empathetic, and up to date with best practice and therapies.

Our doctors feel that preventive health care and early diagnosis is a priority. They follow the National Health and Medical Research Council’s guidelines for screening for cancer.

Low risk women are referred for 2 yearly mammograms from 50 onwards and high risk women from 40 onwards.

Patients with a family history of bowel cancer are referred for screening colonoscopies from 40 and patients with no family history for 2 yearly faecal occult blood screening from 50.

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